Fresh design meets innovative thinking.
We’ve got a new look – but did you instantly recognise us? Well, we must have done it just right.
We develop machines used all over the world with cutting-edge technology and an awareness of the needs of current and future generations.
We don’t see innovation as an end in itself. We always develop our products with a sense of proportion and an eye for our goals. That’s why the word FOR plays a constant role in our business.
The trick to a good life is happiness and trust. If we listen to one another, we can find solutions to make life better for lots of people. That’s our guiding principle.
AVERMANN – strong solutions throughout the years
"Technology for a Good Life" – our company motto expresses our promise to ourselves, to our customers and partners and to the people who profit directly or indirectly from our products and services.

We’re immensely encouraged by the fact that people all over the world have put their trust in our solutions for over 70 years. This motivates us to be brave and develop the innovative environmental technology and precast concrete solutions that are so urgently required to face current challenges. You’ll be able to see these innovations at the IFAT 2018, where we’ll be presenting several new products.

And you’ll also be able to see this in our new corporate design that has recently undergone major changes. Our new design is the result of our evaluation of AVERMANN brand values. It expresses our approach towards the technological challenges of the present and future with high-performance technology, a human touch, and the courage to innovate and create solutions that make our world cleaner, better and more sustainable. This website will give you a better idea of our future appearance, which reflects Avermann’s company values.

We look forward to sharing our ideas with you.
Dr Maike Keller née Avermann
Managing Director
Intelligent and beautiful
New Product
The innovative iTainer solves a whole range of challenges faced by urban waste management. It accurately weighs rubbish, issues electronic bills and is easy and safe to use. If those advantages weren’t enough, it also boasts a beautiful design.
Avermann’s new work horse.
Our new horizontal baler type AVOS 1410 BRH is the perfect choice if you need consistent performance during continuous use. Uninterrupted service is even guaranteed in extreme weather conditions.
Efficient handling of large cardboard boxes
The stationary press SP 20 is our latest development that sets new standards in the processing of large cardboard boxes. A large feed opening and press force of 380 kN are just some of the features that make this machine so impressive.
Environmental Technology
Avermann’s environmental technology is known around the world for its personalised solutions, high-performance machines and excellent German-made equipment. Discover our range of products and work with us to find a suitable solution to every challenge.
Precast Concrete Technology
Strong. Fast. Tailored. Avermann takes care of the entire process when developing its precast concrete technology and meets all its customers’ wishes, from individual production modules to automated end-to-end solutions. Our solutions come in almost any shape and size to suit every purpose.
Laser Cutting and Trimming Centre
AVERMANN Laser- und Kantzentrum GmbH boasts state-of-the art facilities to cut and trim even the largest of parts, making it your specialist partner for the processing of sheets made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and various special materials.